Manual Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty

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Word Count 60, words Guess based on page count. Political philosophy has long been bound by traditional thinking about the body and the senses.

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Through an engagement with the state-centered vocabulary of this discipline, Politics of Touch explores the ways in which sensing bodies continually run up against existing political structures. In this groundbreaking work, Erin Manning reconsiders how new politics can arise that challenge the national body politic. In Politics of Touch, Manning develops a new way to conceive the role of the senses, and of touch in particular.

Who has the capacities, if not the legitimacy, to trigger Article 50 to commence the withdrawal negotiations? In the end, amongst all available options for the UK to maintain links with the EU, how much, if any, of its sovereignty will really be restored?

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The concept of a defenceless British Parliament stripped of its powers by the European Union EU became a pervasive topic during the run-up to the referendum. However, parliamentary sovereignty is an elusive concept which may be understood in many different ways. It has been vividly described by A. Dicey in these terms:. Under all the formality, the antiquarianism, the shams of the British Constitution, there lies latent an element of power which has been the true course of its life and growth.

This secret source of strength is the absolute omnipotence, the sovereignty of Parliament…Here constitutional theory and constitutional practice are for once at one…It is, like all sovereignty at bottom, nothing less but unlimited power. Generally, the courts cannot overrule its legislation and no Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change. Parliamentary sovereignty is the most important part of the UK constitution.

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Lord Denning, a renowned English Judge, compared EU laws to an incoming tide turning into a tidal wave. These were his words:. Our sovereignty has been taken away by the European Court of Justice Our courts must no longer enforce our national laws. They must enforce Community law No longer is European law an incoming tide flowing up the estuaries of England. It is now like a tidal wave bringing down our sea walls and flowing inland over our fields and houses—to the dismay of all.

The idea seemed to gain momentum during the campaign, eventually resulting, at least to some extent, in a majority of British voters choosing to leave the European Union. This paper will look into the current status and extent of parliamentary sovereignty.

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It will address the issue of why this concept is, in itself, of crucial importance to the political debate and how it became instrumental to the Leave campaign. The recurrent use of referendums and the popular sovereignty postulate will then be analysed, as will the attempt from the government to undermine parliamentary sovereignty in relation to article However, a number of domestic decisions and Acts of Parliament have also contributed to reshaping the principle of sovereignty.

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  6. Indeed, it contained all the necessary ingredients to turn a market trader, who used pounds instead of kilograms to weigh his vegetables in violation of an EC Directive, into a martyr of supposedly inane European legislation. This was affirmed by section 18 of the European Union Act Litigants claimed that the courts ought to review whether parliamentary debates had adequately taken into account the level of scrutiny imposed for such projects by the EU Environmental Impact Directive. The question of whether the courts could be required by EU law to examine the adequacy of parliamentary process is in direct violation of Section 9 of the Bill of Rights In fact, the majority of recent limitations on parliamentary sovereignty were self-inflicted.

    For instance, it can be argued that devolving some if its powers to regional assemblies did not theoretically diminish the sovereignty of Westminster because the British Parliament retained the power to legislate in devolved areas, and to repeal the acts establishing devolved institutions.

    However, for Scotland, many of the walls erected to protect parliamentary sovereignty have fallen, thanks to conventions and addenda to the Scotland Act In particular, a convention has been established to ensure that all British legislation affecting devolved areas or the scope of the Scotland Act be subjected to the consent of the Scottish Parliament.

    In , the European Union Act was passed. This Act stated that any EU Treaty planning to transfer significant powers to Brussels would have to be submitted to a referendum. It is not clear if any connection between the two parts of the statement sovereignty and primacy of the lower house was intended.

    And it will only do that if there is a vote in the referendum to leave the EU. According to him:. It comes down to an elemental choice: whether to restore the full self-government of this nation, or to continue living under a higher supranational regime, ruled by European Council that we do not elect in any meaningful sense, and that the British people can never remove, even when it persists in error.

    The idea of restoring sovereignty appeals to British sensibilities. It speaks to the independent spirit of a small island on the edge of Europe. However absurd and ill-sourced, this EU-regulation bashing has been around for years. Last week saw one of the biggest democratic exercises in our history with over 33 million people from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar all having their say.

    Although leaving the EU was not the path I recommended, I am the first to praise our incredible strength as a country. In such a system, voters are freed from the restraints of representative democracy whereby one elects a Member of Parliament in order to be represented in the law-making process According to the philosopher A. The authors transcend disciplinary boundaries and nurture a wide-ranging sensibility about art and sovereignty, two highly complex and interwoven dimensions of human experience that have rarely been explored by scholars in one conceptual space.

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    Chapters consider the intertwining of political structures and modernist artistic forms, including the relationships between nationalism and official portraiture, museums and cultural property, and territoriality and architectural history. Other chapters examine populist politics that emerged as art became commercialized and mediated, engaging industrial design and popular entertainment industries, and producing national and minority cinema, ethnic crafts for domestic markets, and performance art that contests national citizenship.

    In exploring the nexus of art and sovereignty, contributors highlight power relations and provide critical commentary on repercussions of colonialism and notions of universal truths rooted in Western ideals. Editors and affiliations.